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Xiaomi 12S Ultra rumours, information and capabilities

Xiaomi 12S Ultra rumours, information and capabilities

When the Xiaomi 12 series launched, the top-end flagship in the line, the 12 Ultra, was conspicuous in its absence. But now the company has confirmed that the 12 series is about to be replaced by the 12S range and – among them – the 12S Ultra.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra rumours, information and capabilities

When it’s unveiled, it’s likely to be the bleeding-edge showcase of everything Xiaomi can cram into a modern phone, with upgraded camera options and the highest-end specs as far as its display and chipset are concerned.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra availability and price
4 July launch confirmed
From £1,199?
Xiaomi has already announced that it will introduce the three-phone 12S range on 4 July during an event in which it will show off its first Leica-branded camera units. Among them, we will see the 12S Ultra, as well as the 12S and 12S Pro. Retail availability will likely be initially limited to China to begin with, and a wider rollout a little later. We suspect between the end of July and September.

Turning to the question of price, you can safely assume that the phone will command a high price tag, given its flagship status, and going by the example of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which landed at £1,199 when it was released.

Without any official word on the price, there’s no reason to assume the next phone will be substantially more affordable, so if you’re a big Xiaomi fan waiting for it you might want to brace yourself for another big number.

New design
Large circular camera unit?
Ceramic and leather options?
The most consistent leaks that we’ve seen around the Xiaomi 12S Ultra have all focused on one big aspect of the phone – its camera bump. This is something that increasingly feels like the biggest factor in how a phone looks, given one side is a display and the rear is the bit that can be changed up.

And the 12S Ultra seems like it’s not interested in playing things safe – the indications are that it’s going to have a massive, complex camera system that takes up a large portion of the phone’s back in a circular shape.

On the one hand, it’s undeniably a seriously big camera unit, but we’ve also seen plenty of phones in the last few years give over as much as half their backs to cameras, and if the specs that Xiaomi can cram into the design are worth it, we can’t see anyone being too bothered by how it looks.

Aside from the actual design, there are also rumours that there will be different materials available. There’s rumour that there will be white and black ceramic options, while Xiaomi’s own teaser confirms the existence of a leather-like finish on the back of a green and gold model.

Display and hardware specs
Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate expected
2K resolution based on precedent
Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
4800mAh battery, 67W charging
We also don’t have a firm indication of what display the 12S Ultra will employ, but we can situate you roughly thanks to the precedent set by the standard Xiaomi 12 line, which will act as the baseline for the fancier phone.

Those handsets boast 120Hz refresh rate displays, and the Pro version sits at 6.7 inches and 2K resolution, making for some really impressive pin-sharp elements. Now, whether the 12 Ultra can actually upgrade on this is an open-ended question, but we’d be very surprised if it came in with less impressive specs. It’s also likely to be ab LTPO display, offering adaptive refresh rates.

As to the core hardware, we’d expected the Xiaomi 12S Ultra to step forward over the 12 Pro. That might see it using the rumoured Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and that might help us narrow down the launch time frame. Xiaomi has a great relationship with Qualcomm and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Xiaomi 12S Ultra as the launch device for the tweaked hardware. We’ve seen it referenced by Ice Universe, a leaker with a solid track record.

Elsewhere we’ve seen leaks suggesting that there will be a 4800mAh battery and that it will support 120W charging. These details come from Digital Chat Station on Weibo, a leaker with a good reputation, and would fit in with Xiaomi’s fast-charging strategy for 2022. Most core models now include this.

Triple camera system
50MP main – 1-inch IMX989 sensor
48MP ultrawide
48MP telephoto
ToF sensor
It’s clear from the leaked design of the phone’s camera bump, if that impression is accurate, that the 12S Ultra will have a serious range of cameras to leverage as you take photos and videos.

Xiaomi has been building up to the launch of the 12S Ultra by teasing a new sensor it’s been working on with Sony: the IMX989. It’s a 1-inch sensor, making it huge in comparison to practically every other flagship sensor out there. Xiaomi has also revealed that it’s partnered with Leica to create the Sumicron mobile lenses, which feature a special coating to improve optical performance.

The number of cutouts in the case pictured above indicates that there could be even more going on though – and it’s likely that we’ll also see laser autofocus and a time of flight system in place.

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