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Weekly poll consequences Poco X4 GT and F4 get lukewarm reception

Weekly poll consequences Poco X4 GT and F4 get lukewarm reception

Last week’s polls show that people are not entirely sold on the Poco X4 GT and Poco F4. Let’s have a closer look at what went right and what went wrong with these two.

Weekly poll consequences Poco X4 GT and F4 get lukewarm reception

The polls hint at a slightly better reception for the Poco X4 GT. One thing that limited its appeal is that the lack of official plans to launch it in India, which is traditionally a strong market for Poco. The X4 GT is based on the Redmi Note 11T Pro, which isn’t available in India either (the non-Pro 11T is, but that’s not on the same level).

Predictably, there were some arguments in the comments praising the choice of an LCD instead of AMOLED and some deriding the decision. A more consistent criticism came from people who were not happy with the stability of the software that Poco phones run.

The Poco F4 did launch in India (and other markets). A bigger proportion of those interested in the model plan to grab one during the early bird discounts, which drop the base price to €350/₹24,000. That’s a discount of €50/₹4,000. For comparison, the X4 GT got a bigger €80 discount, but even so most people who want one prefer to wait for reviews.

The criticism for the F4 was simple – it’s not much of an upgrade over the F3. The phone brings an improved camera (64MP with OIS vs. 48MP) and faster battery charging (0-100% in 38 minutes instead of 52 minutes), but that’s about it.

Even if it failed to convince some people, the Poco F4 is off to a great start in India – retailer Flipkart labeled it the “fastest selling flagship”. We don’t entirely agree with the “flagship” classification and we would have liked to see some concrete sales numbers, but this is still a promising sign for the F4.

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