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The Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Max are rumors, specifications and everything we’ve heard so far

The Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Max are rumors, specifications and everything we’ve heard so far

Apple may already have announced an iPhone in 2022, but that isn’t expected to be the only model to appear before the year is out. Don’t worry, the company hasn’t reverted back to Touch ID and ditched the Face ID models. Instead, those models are just due a little later on.
There are expected to be four iPhone models joining the already announced iPhone SE (2022). These are said to be the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, along with Pro models of these devices. Yes, that means that the iPhone mini might be dead for this year.

The Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Max are rumors, specifications and everything we’ve heard so far

We’ve covered off the rumours surrounding the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in a separate feature, but here we are focusing on the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. This is everything we have heard so far.
Release date
13 September 2022
From $799/£779/€909
Apple typically releases its new flagship iPhone models in September and normally on the second Tuesday of the month. That’s been the pattern for a number of years – at least it has been if you ignore 2020.
Assuming Apple continues with this strategy, it is possible the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will be announced on 13 September 2022. Of course nothing is confirmed as yet, nor will it be for several months, but that would be the date we would pencil in the diary for now.
If we are right, we’d expect pre-orders to open for the iPhone 14 models on the Friday following their announcement, which would be 16 September, with availability then likely to be 23 September 2022. Remember, this is just guesswork for now though and there has been a sggestion that China’s Covid lockdowns have impacted the development schedule for at least one model.
In terms of price, we would expect the iPhone 14 to start around the same ballpark as the iPhone 13, which is $799/£779/€909. We’d then expect the iPhone 14 Max to cost around £100/$100/€100 more, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max does compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, and as the iPhone 13 did compared to the iPhone 13 mini. Whether the iPhone 14 starting price drops if there really is no mini model this year remains to be seen, though we doubt it will be by much if it does.
IP68 rated
Flat-edge design
The Apple iPhone 14 models are currently rumoured to follow a similar design to their predecessors, with a notch at the top of their display. There have been several reports of the iPhone 14 Pro models offering a pill-shaped cut out at the top of their display, but it’s suggested the standard iPhone 14 models will retain the notch we saw on the iPhone 13 models.
A flat-edge design is expected again for the iPhone 14 models, and it’s likely to be an aluminium frame with a glass rear rather than stainless steel and glass, which is what is likely for the Pro models.
It is also expected that the iPhone 14 models will offer an IP68 water and dust resistance and come in a range colour options. Some variations are likely compared to the 2021 models, though at the moment, it’s not clear what. Based on some moulds, it looks like the rear camera housing setup will look largely the same as the iPhone 13 models.
6.1-inch and 6.7-inch
ProMotion displays
No 5.4-inch model
According to the rumours, there will be an iPhone 14 and an iPhone 14 Max in 2022, rather than an iPhone 14 mini and iPhone 14. It’s claimed the iPhone 14 will have a 6.1-inch display like the iPhone 13, while the iPhone 14 Max will have a 6.7-inch display, which puts it in line with the iPhone 13 Pro Max model and therefore likely the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Reports suggest the standard models could get Apple’s ProMotion 120Hz refresh rate. There was originally some talk of Touch ID being placed under the display to work alongside Face ID, though more recent rumours suggest that won’t be the case this year.
Hardware and specs
A15 Bionic, 5G
64GB base model?
It has been suggested that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max won’t get a processor upgrade for 2022, remaining on the A15 Bionic chip that powers all the iPhone 13 models instead of moving to the A16, which the iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to feature.
Reports claim all iPhone 14 models will have 6GB of RAM and we know they will all be 5G compatible given all iPhones, including the entry-level iPhone SE (2022) have been since the iPhone 12 models.
In terms of storage, with the standard iPhone 13 models coming in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB options, it’s likely the iPhone 14 models will offer the same, though there have been some reports that the base model could start at 64GB.
All the iPhone 14 models will no doubt run on iOS 16, which we expect to hear more about in June at WWDC, though you can read our separate feature on it for all the details we know so far.
Dual camera likely
Front camera with autofocus
There haven’t been a great deal of rumours surrounding the iPhone 14 cameras, though it is expected they will have a dual rear setup, like their predecessors.
The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 feature a main camera and ultra-wide camera but they miss out on the telephoto lens features on the Pro models, as well as a couple of features. It is likely the iPhone 14 models will also offer a main and ultra-wide sensor on the rear but no telephoto sensor and we would also expect that they don’t offer all the same features as the iPhone 14 Pro models.
It’s also been claimed the front camera of the iPhone 14 models could be upgraded though, with suggestions of autofocus and an aperture of f/1.7.
For now though, the details are thin on the ground.

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