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TeleAmazonas On Intelsat 805, 55°W New Biss Key 2023

TeleAmazonas On Intelsat 805, 55°W New Biss Key 2023

Teleamazonas is an Ecuadorian television network that was launched on 22 February 1974. It is one of the major television networks in the country. It was founded by Antonio Granda Centeno and has two feeds: one produced in Quito and broadcast in the rest of the country, and the other one produced in and distributed in Guayaquil.

TeleAmazonas On Intelsat 805, 55°W New Biss Key 2023

Last Update On 03-12-2022

Intelsat 805, 55°W
3915 H 3300 3/4 DVB-S QPSK MPEG2
New Biss key : 20 A1 7D 3E 09 C1 45 0F

Teleamazonas began broadcasting on February 22, 1974, as the first network with colour television transmissions in Ecuador. Its headquarters are located in Quito. Teleamazonas got the most powerful microwave radio relay, acquired the first mobile television unit, and built in Guayaquil the biggest self-supported antenna.

Founded by Antonio Granda Centeno, the channel was under control of his family until 2001, when Eduardo Granda Garcés paid a high debt to Banco del Pichincha. Fidel Egas Grijalva, major shareholder of the bank, took charge of Teleamazonas.

During the presidency of Rafael Correa, the network, particularly its flagship opinion maker and pundit Jorge Ortiz, has found itself at odds with the government, which accuses it of manipulating public opinion to suite the interests of the companies and shareholders who provide the capital for Teleamazonas such as the Banco del Pichincha. Several proceedings have taken place against Teleamazonas, culminating on December 23, 2009, when the network was ordered a 72-hour shutdown. This government move immediately prompted a backlash from advocacy groups who claimed to be acting in the interests of freedom of expression.

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