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SERVICE 1 Biss Key on Horizons 3e at 169.0°East

SERVICE 1 HD Working New Biss Key on Horizons 3e at 169.0°East New TP Frequency Good Working Feed Here Update 2021

Champions League Round of 16
Atalanta VS Real Madrid
Horizons 3e at 169.0°East
New TP : 10988 H 7500
Today Latest : Update April 2021
Biss Key CW : FA EB 88 6D 0B BC D9 A0

HERE SERVICE 1 HD New TP Frequency 2023

Horizons Satellite was originally an equal share joint venture with PanAmSat. It ordered its first satellite, Horizons-1/Galaxy 13 from Boeing in middle 2001 and successfully launched it on October 1, 2003. During 2005, PanAmSat was taken over by Intelsat, but the relationship continued and on August 30, 2005, Horizons Satellite ordered a GEOStar-2 based satellite, Horizons-2, which successfully launched on December 21, 2007.

Horizons-3e was designed and manufactured by Boeing on the Boeing 702MP satellite bus. It has an estimated launch mass of 6 t (6.6 tons) and a design life of more than 15 years.

It is powered by two wings, with four panels each, of triple-junction GsAs solar cells. The 702MP platform was designed to generate between 6 kW and 12 kW.

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