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SBT Rede HD On Star One C4 at 70.0°W New Biss Key 2023

SBT Rede HD On Star One C4 at 70.0°W New Biss Key 2023

The Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (Brazilian Portuguese: [sisˈtemɐ bɾaziˈlejɾu dʒi televiˈzɐ̃w]; SBT [ˈɛsi ˈbe ˈte]; “Brazilian Television System”) is a Brazilian television network founded on Wednesday, 19 August 1981, by the businessman and television personality Silvio Santos. The company was established after a public tender by the Brazilian Federal Government to form two new networks, created from revoked concessions of the defunct Tupi and Excelsior networks. The SBT was funded in the same day that the concession agreement was signed, and that the act was broadcast live by the network, so that this was his first program aired. Before acquiring the concessions of the four station that were to form the SBT, Grupo Silvio Santos had since 1976 the concession of Rio de Janeiro’s channel 11, known as TVS Rio de Janeiro (now SBT Rio), which was a fundamental step to give life to the SBT.

SBT Rede HD On Star One C4 at 70.0°W New Biss Key 2023

Last Update 23-12-2023

Star One C4 at 70.0°W
3702 V 15000 3/4
New Biss Key:3E D2 AF BF CC 9A A1 07

In April 2018, the SBT was the second-most watched television network in Brazil, behind Globo. Throughout its existence, the network always occupied the space in the audience ranking, except between 2007 and 2014, when the Record network took its place. The SBT has a total of 114 broadcast television stations (O&Os and affiliates) throughout the Brazilian territory, and is also available through pay television operators (cable and satellite), free-to-air signal on satellite receivers and also through streaming media in their mobile application (Android, iOS and Windows), applications for smart TVs and its website. Also on their website, its programming is available in video on demand for free, also available from the video-sharing site YouTube since 2010. In March 2017, the 43 channels of the SBT on YouTube accumulated 20 million subscribers and 70 billion minutes watched

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