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Motorola Razr 2022 rumours and the whole lot we recognise to date

Motorola Razr 2022 rumours and the whole lot we recognise to date

Motorola chose not to refresh its foldable Razr phone in 2021, instead, waiting until 2022 to bring us a drastic update. This means it’s been a long while since we’ve seen an entry into the Razr lineup and, understandably, Moto fans are anxious to see what’s in store with the latest version.

Motorola Razr 2022 rumours and the whole lot we recognise to date

This is everything we have heard about the Motorola Razr 2022, including when it might be released, what it might offer and how it might improve on the 2020 model.

Motorola Razr 2022 release date and price
The launch event was planned for 2 August 2022 but was abruptly cancelled
It’s now expected to launch on 11 August 2022
European and global releases are expected shortly after China
€1,149 / £1,149
The Razr 2022 is expected to launch in China first, with other markets following shortly afterwards. Motorola had an event planned for 2 August 2022, where it was expected to officially unveil the new phone, but it was abruptly cancelled without explanation. After a teaser image was posted by Lenovo Mobile China’s GM, Chen Jin, we’re now expecting the launch to take place on August 11 2022 at 2 pm CST.

The last Razr phone launched in September 2022, while the first debuted in November 2019. It could be possible that we see a global release date in September for the Razr 2022, too.

The Razr 2022 is said to have a European MSRP of €1,149 – this is significantly cheaper than the Razr 5G, which launched at €1,399. In the UK, the Razr 5G also carried a £1,399 MSRP, so we might expect a 1:1 exchange rate here, too, putting the UK price at £1,149.

No chin
Power button fingerprint sensor
Only available in Quartz Black initially
The design has changed quite significantly since the last generation. Deviating from the classic retro looks and becoming more akin to the popular Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The distinctive chin has been removed, allowing the inner display to extend to the entire length of the device.

The fingerprint sensor has moved, too, now residing on the power button. On the last phone, it was situated on the rear, whereas the original Razr placed it on the chin. In our experience, neither placement was ideal, so this could prove to be a much more convenient location.

The Razr 2022 will be available in Quartz Black only at launch, though, we might see other colours later. Some rumours said there would be a blue variant, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see one appearing at a later date.

6.7-inch foldable display
FHD+ resolution
2.65-inch or 3-inch external display
The display sizes have increased on the Razr 2022, both for the internal display and the external.

Supply chain analyst, Ross Young, suggests that the Razr 2022 will feature a 6.7-inch foldable display, up from 6.2-inches on the Razr 5G. More recently, TENAA listings have backed this up, suggesting we’ll see a 6.67-inch display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080

The external display was expected to be 3-inches, rather than 2.7-inches on its predecessor, but TENAA certifications have conflicting information. We’re unsure which is correct at this stage, but TENAA listings are usually quite reliable and suggest we’ll be getting a 2.65-inch display with 800 x 573 resolution.

The internal display is thought to feature a hole-punch camera cutout, rather than the sizable notch found on the Razr 5G.

Hardware and specs
Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
512GB Storage
Dual cell battery?
Rumours point to the Razr 2022 running on the latest and greatest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, along with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

We may see multiple variations, perhaps a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 model with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, though there is some uncertainty here.

Either way, it’s nice that we’ll be seeing proper flagship specs on the new Razr as the mid-tier processor was a pain point on previous models.

Previous leaks suggested we’d see the same battery capacity as the previous model, 2800mAh. However, TENAA certifications hint at a dual-cell design with 660mAh and 2660mAh packs working in tandem to create a 3320mAh battery – which would better compete with Samsung’s Z Flip models.

50MP f/1.8 primary camera
13MP ultrawide
32MP punch-hole selfie camera
For cameras, we’re expecting a 50-megapixel main shooter with an f/1.8 aperture, this should be complemented by a 13-megapixel ultrawide.

The selfie camera is expected to be 32 megapixels, and as we mentioned, it’ll be a hole-punch design, rather than a notch.

The camera on previous models was another weak spot, so we’re hoping that Motorola steps things up with this generation. At the very least, we’ll get an additional lens, as the Razr 5G only had a solitary snapper.

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