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Match Strana On Yamal 401 at 90.0°E New Biss Key 2023

Match Strana On Yamal 401 at 90.0°E New Biss Key 2023

The channel began broadcasting on November 1, 2015 and was created in accordance with the order of Russian president Vladimir Putin, with the assistance of the editorial office of Gazprom-Media Holding, technical assistance of ANO Sports Broadcasting (Panorama’s brand) and the frequency of Russia-2 (VGTRK) The general producer of the channel was Tina Kandelak until she was replaced in September 2021 by Alexander Tashchin

Match Strana On Yamal 401 at 90.0°E New Biss Key 2023

Last Update On 06-12-2022

Yamal 401 at 90.0°E
Match Strana
3645 L 28000
New Biss Key: 26 08 39 67 12 04 38 4Е

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