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Libya alahrar TV On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E New Biss Key 2023

Libya alahrar TV On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E New Biss Key 2023

Libya Al Ahrar (Arabic: ليبيا الأحرار) is a Libyan TV channel broadcast by satellite from its headquarters in Doha.[1] The channel was created in 2011 during the Libyan Civil War. It presents news, opinions, analysis, photo and video reports about Libya in specific and the region in a wider scope. It focuses on Libya’s revolution and future toward building a democratic state.

Libya alahrar TV On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E New Biss Key 2023

Last Update  On 06-12-2022

Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E
Libya alahrar TV
12530 H 2689
New Biss Key: 86 87 22 2F 35 44 55 CE

Libya TV was founded by Libyans led by Mahmmud Shammam and Mohamad A. Al Akari. With the full support by the Libyan PM, Dr. Mahmmud Jebrel, who helped to bring the full support from the Qatari government. Mohamad A. Al Akari was the first General Manager, Serage Beshti was the Head of Administration, and Huda Al Srari was Head of PR.[1] Currently it has around 50 employees working to provide exposure to Libyans different opinions. Huda Alsrari were named to be head of Doha operation later 2013 and held this position till mid of 2014 before she had to resign with Mahmoud Shamam.

The headquarters is in Doha, and additional studios are located in Benghazi and Tripoli.[1] Libya TV claims to have correspondents “throughout Libya.” Along with Arabic, the channel also broadcasts a show in the Tamazight language and will contain English programming in the future.

Libya TV’s plan for April 2011 was to broadcast four hours of original programs, including a news segment and a talk show, daily.[1] Libya TV now broadcasts 12 hours per day both in Arabic and the Tamazight language.

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