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Kana TV Latest TP Frequency on Eutelsat 2023

Kana TV HD Channel Latest New Frequency on Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°West Today Transponder 100% Good Working Feed Kode 2023
Kana TV Latest TP Frequency 2023 – Kana TV (Amharic: ቃና ቲቪ) is an Ethiopian satellite television channel. It is owned by Afghan largest media company Moby Media Group. It was co-founded by three Ethiopian entrepreneurs in combination with Moby Media Group and was officially launched in April 2016. The channel targets wide variety of serial dramas around the world. Most often, it broadcasts Turkish television dramas which arouse public attention toward the channel. It is currently Ethiopia’s most popular television channel Biss Keys .

Kana TV New Frequency on Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°West Working TP 2021
Channel Name
Kana TV
Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°West
11512 V 27500 7/8
Today Dec 30/12/2022
Kana TV is broadcast throughout the region by satellite Nilesat. The channel operates solely in the Amharic language with part of the content being locally produced and the other half being dubbed foreign content. Biss Keys The source of its popularity is the multitude dubbed foreign TV dramas it broadcasts. Among the most famous are Turkish dramas such as Kuzey Güney (North South) and Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love) It has offices located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with plans to expand its studios to make room for locally produced content.

Ethiopian TV

Due to the relative infancy of the television market in Ethiopia at the time of its launch, Kana had to commission its own studies on television viewership in the country. These studies revealed that a majority of viewers were watching foreign language content with channels like MBC 1 and Al Jazeera being some of the most popular. The success of its dubbed content was largely built on this fact that there was a large appetite for foreign content in Ethiopia that was waiting to be satisfied.
In March 2017, Kana released the first independently conducted all encompassing TV market study after launching its channel. According to this study Kana TV had gained a 34% market share and 8 of the top 10 highest rated prime time shows were on Kana TV (as of March 2017).

Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W

Eutelsat 8 West C, known as Hot Bird 6 prior to 2012 and Hot Bird 13A from 2012 to 2013, is a French communications satellite. Operated by Eutelsat, it provides direct to home broadcasting services from geostationary orbit. The satellite was part of Eutelsat’s Hot Bird constellation at a longitude of 13 degrees east, until it was relocated to 8 degrees west between July and August 2013.
Constructed by Alcatel Space based on the Spacebus-3000B3 satellite bus, Eutelsat 8 West C is a 3,905-kilogram (8,609 lb) satellite with a design life of 12 years. It is equipped with an S400-12 apogee motor which was used for initial orbit-raising manoeuvres and an S10-18 engine for station keeping burns. The spacecraft has 28 Ku-band and four Ka-band transponders.

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