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Discovery Network New PowerVu Keys 2023

Discovery Network New PowerVu Keys 2023

Discovery Channel (known as The Discovery Channel from 1985 to 1995, and often referred to as simply Discovery) is an American multinational pay television network and flagship channel owned by Discovery, Inc., a publicly traded company run by CEO David Zaslav. As of June 2012, Discovery Channel is the third most widely distributed subscription channel in the United States, behind TBS and The Weather Channel;[2] it is available in 409 million households worldwide, through its U.S. flagship channel and its various owned or licensed television channels internationally.

Discovery Network New PowerVu Keys 2021

It initially provided documentary television programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, and history, but by the 2010s had expanded into reality television and pseudo-scientific entertainment.

Last Update on 30-12-2021

DISCOVERY NETWORKS (0.8°W 12303 V 27500)
PowerVU (0x0E00)

KEY 00: FB B7 EE F7 1F 45 82 => Next
KEY 01: A9 EA 7A 05 FC E3 FE => Active

DISCOVERY NETWORKS (4.8°E 12360 V 27500 / 0.8°W 12303 V 27500)
PowerVU (0x0E00)
KEY 00: 0B 42 1D 1A 67 6B D2 => Next
KEY 01: FC 5A FA 02 D2 F8 85 => Active


TP : 12360 V 27500
TP : 12303 V 27500

00: D8 56 F9 18 60 BB 5D 00
01: CE 7D A2 D3 DA 63 8F 00

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