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BOLIVIA TV On Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W New Biss Key 2023

BOLIVIA TV On Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W New Biss Key 2023

Televisión Boliviana (Bolivia TV) is the first television channel of Bolivia and serves the only means of television communication from the government. The channel was established in August 1969 under the government of Luis Adolfo Siles after years of planning by the government of then-recently deceased René Barrientos.It is a state-owned broadcasting network.

Last Update 0n 22-12-2022

Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W
3759 H SR 2963 FEC 3/4
New Biss Key: C7 32 00 F9 9E 20 10 CE

TV Boliviana was the only nationwide TV channel until Paceña de Televisión was established on October 24, 1984.
State television in Bolivia emerged a long time after that in other Latin American countries. Televisión Boliviana was founded on August 30, 1969, during the constitutional government of President Luis Adolfo Siles Salinas, being an unfinished project of the last stage of the deceased president René Barrientos Ortuño[3]Of a state nature, two years later it became the tool with which the dictatorship of Hugo Bánzer tried to neutralize the influence of the mining stations, and to prevent them from operating successfully. In 1974, the government and COMIBOL distributed five thousand television sets in the mines with extensive payment facilities. According to testimonies from the families of the miners, the introduction of this new medium changed the views and expectations of the population, although later in 1978 the miners demanded the return and reopening of their radios through a stoppage of activities.

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