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ATN Channel Biss Key and Frequency on YahSat-1A 2023

ATN Live TV Channel IPL T20 New Biss Key and Frequency on YahSat-1A Today Latest Good Working Feed New TP 2023

ATN Channel is a Canadian Category A specialty channel, owned by Asian Television Network (ATN). It is the flagship channel of the Asian Television Network and features programming from &TV as well as Canadian content in several South Asian languages.

IPL T20 ATN Latest New Biss Key Frequency New TP on YahSat-1A at 52.5°East Working 2021
Channel Name: ATN
Satellite: YahSat-1A at 52.5°East
12015 H 27500
Today April 11/05/2021
Biss Key: 12 56 D7 3F 5D 01 AC 0A

What is the biss key of ATN Channel?

ATN signed an agreement with Zee Network, securing the exclusive rights to programming from Zee TV, India’s top rated channel at the time. This milestone agreement marked the first major content acquisition for ATN and resulted in Zee TV becoming the main source of programming for ATN channel which was subsequently renamed ATN Zee TV.

On September 4, 1996, South Asian Television Canada Limited was granted approval from the CRTC to launch an ethnic specialty television channel called SATV, a regional service catering to the South Asian community in Ontario.

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