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2M MENA HD On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E New Biss Key 2023

2M MENA HD On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E New Biss Key 2023

2M is a Moroccan free-to-air television network. It was established by the royal-owned conglomerate, ONA, before being partly sold to the Moroccan state. Of 2M, 45.3% is owned by Atlas Benjelloun’s holding company SNI,[3] while approximately 32.5% is controlled by the Moroccan state. It is based in Casablanca.

2M MENA HD On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E New Biss Key 2023

Last Update 04-12-2022

Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E 2M MENA (2M)
Freq: 11025,043
Pol: Horizontal
SR: 4444,007
Mod: 8PSK
FEC: 3/4
Std: DVB-S2
New Biss Key : 20 13 02 35 2E AD 03 DE

The channel is available free-to-air locally on digital signal with national coverage, and on satellite television via Globecast, Nilesat and Arabsat.

2M was set up as a second national television channel with the aim of promoting competition and diversity in Moroccan audio-visual broadcasting.

2M started its programmes officially on 4 March 1989. It used to be a cable channel broadcasting unscrambled twice a day. After 7 years of activity, SOREAD (ONA group), the major shareholder, withdrew from the management of this TV channel due to financial reasons. The Moroccan state took over the control of 2M with a participation of 68% in its capital. This takeover was supported by a major effort to develop the audio-visual sector.

Radio 2M is the companion radio channel to 2M, presenting music, news, and information directly from Morocco in Arabic and French.

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